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Problem Area: What's The Most Significant Problem Your Prospects Have?

Get on their level. State the problem your buyer personas have that your product or service solves. This will help your target audience immediately relate to you, and will weed out those that are not prospects.

First Pain Point

This should be the biggest pain your clients have as it relates to your service. What are you doing for them?

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Second Pain Point

Let your prospects know you understand what they are dealing with. What are your clients' setbacks?

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Third Pain Point

Show your ability to pinpoint their struggles. By doing this, you are emphasizing your expertise in the industry.

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Solve Their Problem

After acknowledging the pain points your clients have, show them what you can do to make their life easier. You have their attention:

  • This is the first solution area for the pain points
  • Here we highlight the second solution area
  • Lastly, this area highlights the third solution
  • And you know what? Just add as many as you need
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Statistics Reinforce Your Solutions & Provide Credibility

Use this area to highlight some of your company or personal stats. You are an authority and a trusted source in your industry. Show them why.

Projects Completed
Satisfied Clients
Countries Traveled
Cups of Coffee

Latest From The Blog

Provide a brief snippet of what your clients will find in your blog. Make sure you are posting regularly for the best possible conversion rates.

Don't Take Our Word For It

Testimonials are a powerful selling tool. Ask some of your better known affiliations to share a few words about how you've made their lives easier.

"What A Wonderful Team To Rely On"

Ned Plimpton, Belafonte Co.

I'm continually blown away by the team at Symphony. They rock! I would come back again and again.

"Produced With Perfection In Mind"

Walter Sobchak, Rug Collector LLC

I don't know what I would do without Symphony. My happiness has gone through the roof :)

"This Product Blew Me Away"

Lucille Bluth, Real Estate Inc. Group

My expectations were exceeded beyond belief.  The product was wonderful and it asnwered all my problems!

symphony clients
Symphony clients
symphony clients
symphony clients
symphony clients
symphony clients
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Emphasize Your Solutions

This is one more rich text editor to further emphasize your solutions and how you solve the problems of your visitors. Use this space for any number of items, or if you wish, simply turn it off.

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